Israel: Land For Peace

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Christianity, Israel
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Land for peace? You’ve got to be joking! The world is demanding that Israel give up even more land to its enemies in order to bring peace to the Middle East. Is history to be repeated again?
One of the most famous “Land for Peace” agreements was between Britain and Germany.

September 15, 1938: British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain set out for Germany to visit Adolph Hitler. Hitler wasn’t asking for too much, just the liberation of the German-speaking areas of Czechoslovakia [the western part of Czechoslovakia called Sudetenland]. It was a sweet little “Land for Peace” deal that would hopefully appease the Fuhrer and give the German-speaking Czechs their “rights of self-determination”, albeit under Nazi control. Fifteen days later the Sudetenland was handed over to Hitler. In exchange, Hitler gives his word that he has no other territorial designs on Europe.

October 1, 1938: Germany now owns half of Czechoslovakia and not a single shot was fired. Before the year ended, Hitler broke his agreement and occupied the remainder of Czechoslovakia.

The following year Hitler invaded Poland. He continued to invade most of Europe, Africa, and Russia and even bombed Chamberlain’s very own Britain. Needless to say, the duped Chamberlain was replaced rather quickly by Winston Churchill. The Brits had THEIR fill of “Land for Peace!” And that was just one example!

The policy of “Land for Peace” logically entails the surrender of Israeli territory whenever Arabs threaten war. As anyone may see from the US House of Representatives Task Force Report on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare issued on December 10, 1996, the territorial shrinkage of Israel following the Oslo peace process has triggered a “frantic military build-up” by Arab and Islamic states that now see an opportunity to annihilate the Jewish State.

Question: Can Israel be certain that peace will never be withheld again by those who receive the land?
Question: What will happen if surrendering land reduces Israel’s ability to defend itself from those who will occupy the surrendered land?

Many may say, “Well, we won’t know until we try.” And if it fails, it will be too late to save the country and its people. Israel will be gone.

Fortunately, biblical prophecy does state that although Israel will be attacked in the future by a large and powerful coalition, God will intervene and destroy all but one sixth of the attacking forces, saving Israel and bringing glory to His name.

Praise be to the Lord God Almighty!!!

  1. You are so incredibly right to support Israel. Thanks for the great historical perspective. It is perfectly insane that Israel, as small as it is in comparison, is being pressured to give its land to Arab states. Why don’t the Arabs give up their land to Israel for peace, since they have so much more than Israel?

    No wait. That would make sense. We can’t have that.

    The problem with support of Israel today is a direct result of Atheism. It is the Atheists who are turning the U.S. government into a Godless secular machine. It just seems so much easier to pressure Israel from a secular perspective, because the Arabs would be much harder to fight. So they reason that by pressuring Israel, it makes things easier on America’s foreign policy. They couldn’t care less about doing the right thing and defending the little guy, let alone honoring God’s grant of the land to the Jews.

    We need a Christian culture to turn our nation’s people back to Christ, and in the interest of Christian culture I really must recommend this novel:,6462,321.aspx

    We need Christian culture. We’ve got to stop pumping money into secular movies and books; they are brainwashing the nation away from Christ through entertainment, and many Christians are funding the secular/Satanic effort.

    Not only is this exciting story written by a Christian, its message strongly upholds the authority of Scripture. I think any Christian would love reading this, please prayerfully consider purchasing and sharing this novel. It’s a wonderful open door for sharing Christ, because everyone enjoys a good novel, though they may not wish to hear us preach. Offering a friend this mystery novel is a great “invisible net” for “fishers of men.”

    The website selling this novel has many helpful articles and videos to strengthen your faith and share with others as well.

    Take care.

    • SouzaK99 says:

      Thank you for your reply to my blog. Are you familiar with Joel Rosenberg? He’s a Christian author. He has a series of fictional books as well as as books about the Israel and the Middle East. His books include “Inside the Revolution” and “Epicenter”. Two really great reads. I’ll have to check out the book you suggested and see if it’s something I’d be interested in reading.

      As far as books and music go, I don’t generally read anything that’s not Christian based and I don’t generally listen to anything other than Christian music. Why read or listen to something that’s not going to bless me? I also have only one radio station programmed into my radio in the car, and that station is KLOVE.

      We’re fighting a spiritual battle and atheism is one of the enemie’s false religions. The majority of mankind is so focused on self that it refuses to recognize the existance of God. Unfortunately, most of our lost brothers and sisters aren’t going to spend eternity in the presence of the Almighty God, and that’s sad. That’s why I blog about Christian issues and ideas and that’s why I don’t hide my spiritual beliefs. I’m trying to do my part in focusing eyes upon Jesus.

      My support of Israel is not just a blind support of whatever they do (as some people have accused me of) but is, instead, my support of their right to their soverignty and their right to exist. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people, no one else, and should not be split in two. If people don’t want to look at it from a spiritual point of view, then look at it from the human point of view. Israel was attacked, they defended themselves and defeated the enemy and now the enemy (and the world) want Israel to give back the land they won by conquoring the invading army. That’s not how the world works. I’m also concerned about our president’s lack of support for Israel. He seems to flip flop back and fourth as far as his support goes. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what he does when things get really tough. With the blockaid issue, things might get pretty hairy and it will probably put a strain on U.S./Israel relations.

      Anyway, thanks again for your response and thanks for the book suggestion. I’ll definately check it out. I’m always interested in finding a good book to read. God Bless!!!

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