Israel: How Much Is Too Much?

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Israel
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You might ask yourself, “How many missiles have been launched against Israel in the past eight years? It’s nothing compared to what Israel has done to it’s enemies.”

Oh really, check these figures out:

Here are the total figure from 2002-2009: 181 Grads – 4,810 Rockets – 6,085 Mortars

Let’s get real. The Middle Eastern nations were against the Jews getting ANY land in that part of the world, let alone Jerusalem. From day 1 they have schemed as to how to wipe them off the map. As you can see, things aren’t rosey for the little state of Israel. Hamas takes every opportunity to attack Israel, so is it any wonder that Israel has formed a blockaid to prevent weapons from reaching the Hamas leadership? All Israel is asking is that the ships dock in Ashdod to have their cargo offloaded and inspected, at which point Israel trucks the cargo to Gaza at their own expense.

Every country works through the political system of other countries to provide aid, why is Israel any different? If there’s a military blockaid and the only way to get any supplies in to the area is to go through the officials of the country forming the blockaid, you can bet that government officials of the countries seeking to provide humanitarian aid would jump through hoops to form an agreement to get that aid to those who need it most and would follow those rules percisely so that aid would not get cut off. Why is Israel any different? I’ll tell you why, because they’re Israel.

Israel is known as the “little Satan” to many of the Arab nations of the world and the leaders of most of the Middle Eastern countries refuse to even recognize Israel as a state. No recognition, no rules. I guess that’s how the world works.

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